Is Your god Dead or Alive?

Is your “god’ dead or alive? Here is my answer to a question, at yahoo, do you believe God speaks today or gives visions: God never said he would stop speaking to his people, who had scripture. That is all the more reason for the visions and prophesies, and his speaking to us. We now have the full sacrifice, which brought us into fellowship with our God.
So to say, that his word, stopped his word from being manifest or happening, is so full of satanic foolishness, there is just no words for it.
If God stopped speaking; if God stopped sending visions and the gifts of the Spirit, then his word is full of LIES AND DECEPTIONS.
Jesus said
he that believes shall speak in other tongues, heal the sick, have visions, do all the things I did and more.

So if that is not true, then the Word lied to us through the mouth of Jesus.

So why do so many ‘pretend-to-be’ christians DENY THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT TODAY? or the fact that our God still can SPEAK?

Our God cannot and will not heal today?????huh?// but then, the word would be lying to us.

So the answer>> if you think God cannot and does not speak to us today, give us visions, and all the same gifts of the Spirit, as he gave to the apostles, THEN YOU ARE LISTENING TO A DEAD AND FALSE GOD.

Admit it….those who say such things are UNBELIEVERS AND WORKERS OF SATAN….trying to tear down faith in a true and LIVING GOD, TODAY.

He speaks to me; he gives me visions; and dreams, and interpretation of dreams; visions. etc. Every promise in the Book is MINE TODAY.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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