Jesus is the Beginning

Jesus IS the BEGINNING. This person, Jesus, was not as the world think, back before his birth.

that lie keeps people from ever seeing the real truth. Yes, the anointing of God, the Christ was, for this is a spirit of God.
it is not Jesus. (no spirit left heaven, got into mary’s womb and became flesh and bone. this is not recorded anywhere in all of God’s word. It is lies of man and all who teach it are lying.)

The word is not was not, Jesus. Jesus was not, is not the Word. Jesus surely became one with the word, as we must do. So in that sense of the word, you could say he was if you truly understand the truth of it.

The serpent was, is, Adam. But this Adam is the same here as Moses…Moses was a true Servant of God…BUT, the name, Moses is synonymous with the word, law.
So now I see that Adam is same as law, also.

These three things are synonymous; Adam, serpent, law, moses.

The accuser of the brethren was cast down. See, that accuser was/is, the law. ..but it is also Adam; it is also Moses. Jesus said it was Moses, in whom you trust. Remember?

But was it really the man, Moses? I think he meant the law, for which Moses stands.
Moses lifted up that LAW in the wilderness. So it was that old serpent; lifted up on that pole; to signify the crucifixion of Jesus, first man, Adam, that serpent.

Remember, Jesus nailed that LAW to his cross. He crucified that old man, Adam, and law and the serpent.

The serpents were biting the people and they were dying so Moses put that brazen, (judgment) serpent up on that pole, all who looked at it would be healed from the serpents bites.

So Jesus was nailed on that cross, and lifted up, so all who look to this ‘serpent’ on that pole, will be healed from the serpents bite = those bitten by law.

Do you, any of you, understand this?

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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