A Miracle In Mud

OK, I just wrote about my miracle, many years ago, a miracle in mud:

Miracle in Mud …. By: Jo Smith…4/25/2016

This miracle happened many years ago. I am just now writing about it. This happened when my grands, Eric and Rachel were small children.

I was going to take them to a place where an old mill and creek was. It was way out in the country. It had been a while since I had been to this place. As a result, I missed a turn and went down a forest road.
It had been a lot of rain just before this. The forest road was very, very muddy.

After I had gone a ways, I became stuck. I mean stuck bad. The Car would not move up even a tiny bit. After many tries to get it to go, I opened the door and was shocked to see the mud was all the way up to the floor of the car.

I then became very frightened, for no one on earth knew where we were. I did not have a cell phone and neither did the children. We had no way of reaching anyone to get help. The more I tried to get the car to move, the further down I dug into the mud. The tires were also now smoking; more fear.

I knew in my heart that if I could not get us out of here, we just might die here. I was truly frightened by now.

All of a sudden, God spoke to me. Yes I mean that. He said to me, put the car in reverse. I had not even thought of that.

Now in order to appreciate what took place next, you must know that I am no ‘backer’. I was never any good at backing a car. I can do a short ways, but I am way out a very muddy road and I cannot even see what I am doing.

But I put the car in reverse and to my amazement it began moving. Shew, relief. But then more fear…How in this world am I going to guide this car in such mud and on a tiny narrow road? No Way. But I KNEW I could not stop. I HAD to keep going.

So I just fed it gas, slowly, and PRAYED AND PRAYED. I kept asking God to keep me out of the ditches, which were on both sides of this road.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my God drove that car that day. Just as surely as He turned my car around on that ice, (which was several years later than this)… He drove that car out of that mud. It just kept going and going. I DID NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO GUIDE IT.

As God is my witness, I just gave it a little gas and let it go wherever it went. It was a good ways back to where I had missed that turn and I knew there was no way out of this, except to make it back there and hope I could back it into that road and head back where I had come from.

By the glorious power and love of my God, we made it back and got turned and headed home. I then went to Wanna’s house. Her husband, Mark, was still alive then. When he saw the amount of mud up under my car, he was astonished.

He washed and washed and washed it out with a hose. The mud ran all the way down their driveway.

When I told them what had happened, they were simply amazed, for they both knew where that forest road is.

How I praise my God today, for the wonderful MIRACLES He has placed in my life and let me experience. How I KNOW my God is real and really with me.

Praise Jesus Christ, My Lord and my God.

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