Live by Faith- A Testimony

I wish to give another testimony. this one I posted to my old Bottf web site; others may not find testimony of any value, but to me, it is the only proof one has that Jesus is truly with them/me.

I place everything in God’s hands. I pray about every decision I must make and ask Him to open the right door and close every wrong door. He has never failed me when I ask this. I ask Him to direct my every move, my every thought and word. That is how we glorify him.

I once went through just what you explain. I studied the Scriptures very much, from childhood on. When I was a young woman, raising children, neighbors talked about me and ridiculed me for what they called ‘neglecting’ housework to study the Bible. I did spend a lot of time reading and studying it.

I would compare Scriptures and get sometime a page full of Scriptures proving a thing. But when I would be finished, I would still not have that KNOWING. It was very frustrating. I asked my husband how can you ever KNOW. Can you ever KNOW.

Well, after God led me out of the last church I attended, then He began to teach me how to ‘LIVE BY FAITH’. Up until this time I had, as Job, only ‘heard’ about this; but had now known it. I longed to know HOW to have faith. So, I prayed for God to give me the gift of faith. He started by instructing me to quit locking my doors at night. I quit locking my car. I left my key in it at all times. I trusted God to take care of my things. And know what? He always has.

There was a time, after my second husband and I divorced, that I lived alone in a burned out trailer; without windows, or a door which could close: I kept it closed at night (to keep wind out) by tying a string to it. I did not have running water, electricity, or heat. It was winter time. I rose in the dark, in the cold, and dressed for a job; which I had to stain trinkets, worked alone in a room with open windows. As a result, I set up bronchitis. Now, God has delivered me of those horrible bouts of bronchitis.

An aunt of mine used to come to see me: it upset her terribly when she saw me living with a tied up door. She told me many times, you can’t live like this; it is not safe. Well, I always told her God takes care of me. Then she would say, Well, I have to admit, He would have to be with you; for you to live like this. It is not safe in our day. Only God could be keeping you safe”.

I had taken a stand against the horrible idle, Santa, for many years. They brought some Santa idols in for me to stain. I refused. It cost me that job. I was also working, part time at a filling station. I had not known about the ‘unclean’ things they sold when I accepted the job. As a result, I quit that job. All at the same time. I did not have money to feed myself; so I got some food stamps.

Then God led a lady to tell me of a kind of job (sitting with elderly people) said I could watch all the t.v. I wanted to and get good pay. Before, I had received minimum wages; then only part time work.

This which she told me excited me ( I did not watch t.v.; but I realized I could study my Bible). And so, God led me into a very good line of work; for I had put Him first and not given in to ‘wrong’ things to keep a job. I have never gone lacking again. Also, as a result of being able to study on the job, God gave me many revelations while I ‘sat’ and ‘worked’. Glory to His name. I made more at this job than I had ever made before in my life. And it was not really ‘work’.

God taught me to live and walk by faith.

More to come.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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