We Are All One Under Grace

it is the ‘flesh;’ which is not to teach. I agree with this. If it is men, in the flesh, then they are not to teach. As you said, we type the church; so I ask you then, if women cannot teach, how can the ‘church’ (a female) teach?

I also did not understand this matter most of my life; having been taught what Paul said of women not teaching. But, I know now, that all those men teachers did not have the true revelation on this or practically any other Scripture; they were in the ‘flesh’ = therefore, female.

I knew God had given me something to do. Like Jeremiah, it was like FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES. I just had to teach. I could not keep it back. Even thought I too, believed I could not do it because of being a woman.

But, I prayed and saught God about this many years. I begged and pleaded with God to show me the truth. I KNEW he had told me to teach His Word. I knew He was teaching me.

I knew that I understood things very few others (that I know of) had ever taught.

You men and women need to come to understand that it is only those back under the law who are not set free from every yoke and the women are no longer considered under ‘subjection’/ they are no longer forbidden to teach; that is if they are under Grace. We are all ONE under Grace.

You men need to quit cheating God out of the service He wants His daughters to do. You need to quit cheating daughters of God out of doing the work God called us to do. God is going to punish all who still hold his daughters in bondage which Jesus set us free from.

Do not make women afraid to obey God and do the work He called us to do. Just because you do not understand the truth of Grace, accept that you do not understand, pray for understanding; open your minds up and let God teach you. Do not stand in the way of God’s work being done by ALL CHRISTIANS.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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