More Miracles By God

Driving Miss Jo

Last night I thought of another time when God had to have driven my car for me. This time was such a horrible ordeal that only God knows what I went through. Such total horror and suffering.

This happened three years ago. I was almost blind with cataracts. My eyesight had been going down a long time and by now was terrible. It was time for me to renew my driving license and I could not pass the test.
I had been praying for God to heal my eyes, but He had not seen fit to do so.

I knew I could wait no longer, for if I did not get my eyes fixed I would not be able to drive. I could not allow that to happen, so I reluctantly decided to go have the operation. The doctor had dilated my eyes and did not give me the dark glasses to wear out.

I had not realized how bad this would be and had not taken anyone with me to drive me home. It was at the worst time for traffic. It was late evening when Athens is overrun with people leaving work. This was another nightmare of having to keep going even when I cannot see beyond my nose.

My head was hurting from the strain of trying to see what I was doing. I was coming off the bypass and traffic was so bad, I was a total wreck trying to see how to drive. I was going very slow and people were not liking it.
I could not see the other cars, could not see the road; could not see the traffic lights.

Now I was doing some more praying and was afraid to pull out into the other lanes, for I had no idea if someone else was there. I barely could see the sides of the road. It was worse than I can even describe.

How I longed to be home and out of this, but had to keep going even when I could not see a thing. I was not only fighting to see where the road was and other cars, but my own head and eyes were in terrible pain.

It felt like a thousand years that I struggled to get home. But I was just creeping along and trusting my God to keep me safe.

Truly I would have to say that God has driven Miss Jo quite a few times.

There have been more times than I could remember that I know without a doubt that Had God not been with me and protected me that I would have had head-on collisions and been killed.

Once when I was in my garden, a rattlesnake was curled up at my feet. When I looked down he was looking up at me. My belly turned to jelly. But I just turned and walked away. See, my God shut that snakes mouth. He has done many wonderful miracles for me. I praise my God today for the many times he has kept me and delivered me. Truly I could say with Daniel of old, Jesus was always there with me.

By: Jo Smith… April 28, 2016

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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