Adam’s World

Are we called ‘cain’, or Adam? Is our outer ‘man’ called Adamic, or Cainnic? God never laid any blame on Eve or Cain, for sin entering this world. It came by one MAN, ADAM. Adam is still here today, ruling this world in evil. Cain is not the ruler of the wicked; Adam is. Cain turned wicked ONLY because he was listening to his DADDY, TEACHING THAT HE WAS GOD. Eze 28.
Many today make this same mistake…. of worshiping some ‘man’. When you set a man’s words above the written Word of God, you are into man worship.
The catholic church began this lie, that Mary’s baby, Jesus, was really God in human flesh. Not one single scripture teaches this. All protestant churches are daughters to this harlot church. They all claim to believe that Mary birthed a god. they say her baby was really God. thus they are claiming that man killed God. such blasphemy. When you ‘celebrate’ this gods birthday, you are partaking of the evils of satanic worship, picked up by mama harlot.
all of your silly holidays are of the same devil worship origin and is evil and rebellion against a HOLY GOD.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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