Do You All Believe The Same Lie?

I wondered a long time how so many people all believe the same lies, which are not one time written in Scripture. I now understand.
They have heard the lies so much, over and over, till everyone believe it is in Scripture, when it is not.
The ones who just might read some scripture, read the lie into the word.

That is right. because of the false interpretations, they believe the word is saying what the lie says, even though it does not.

Not one single scripture says that Mary had a baby god in her womb. or that she gave birth to a god. Not one verse says that Jesus is the word of God.
yet when people read that the Word was made flesh, they believe it is saying that Jesus is the Word.
But it does not say that.

A person argued over and over to me that the Word says that God spoke his word into her womb.
I said, it does not say that. They declared over and over that it does.
I said, show me where that is. I have studied the Word all my life and know how to do searches in the word, and it flat is not there.

Well, the person never could show it to me for it is not there. yet they never did stop believing that lie.

I truly doubt a person will have salvation who refuses to be corrected or accept the real truth of God’s word.

Unless you believe the lies, not one person would have come up with the idea that Jesus was God in flesh.
Preachers say that God left heaven and robed himself in human flesh.
I asked one to tell me where the Word says that. He said it does not say it in just those words. See HE KNEW IT WAS NOT TRUE.

They just believe the lies.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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