Insanity of the Highest Degree

The ‘church’ went insane….. they said, we need to decorate green trees, exchange presents, and bring down a fat idol with fake deers bringing presents to kids. .. to deceive them into worshiping this idol….even though it is just made-up junk….
this is what God wants us to do to celebrate the birth of a god-man.
then we need to hide colored eggs and hunt them and say rabbits bring them to kids, and rise up at sunrise and pretend we are celebrating the resurrection of this god.

then they said, lets parade around as skeletons, pumpkins, and witches. this is also very pleasing to our godman.

Let’s run to a meeting and watch a show in sun morn and then watch Tv the rest of the week. we are sure to make that rapture.

Now, since that thing called church is so insane, the world around you has now become insane with you.
they brag about taking shots that are designed to kill you.
they want to do away with eating meat and eat poison junk.
they poison your water.
your air and are now trying to block out the sun.

Insanity at its greatest.

it followed that church.
God is sick of you.
He said it repented him that he made you.
I can certainly see why? study the word of God
no way.
just believe the gods of the heathen and pretend you believe the true God.
and you think God does not know?
You are now going to pay, the world over, for turning your back to God and loving the lies of satan.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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