Jesus Is Our Captain

Hey Larry. I am back reading some of our old messages and found this. it is glory to go back and read these things we wrote years ago and find faith in them:

here is one of them:
I have found my God. I have found what I sought. Jesus sent me the Baptism of the Holy Ghost on May 31, 1964. Last night Larry and I were telling each other about our own personal Baptism. And even though we both already knew about it in the other’s life, It was such a blessing to us. Each time I tell my personal experience that night, it brings again that glory to me.

It is true that I searched the Word of God most all of my life. I attended ‘church’ all my life. But I was always hungry for the truth of the word. I longed for someone to ‘feed’ me. Two different times God spoke to me and said, very clearly, IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE FED, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FEED YOURSELF.

Now I understand that. Since I quit going to ‘church’ and began letting God himself teach me, I am satisfied with this Heavenly, daily FOOD.

It is greater than anything I could ever have imagined. I just long to share my glory [given to me by my Jesus] with everyone else. I long to share this glorious food with all.

Years ago, when I was still in my twenties, I would study and study. I would have a page full of Scriptures proving what I was studying. But when I would finish, I would still not be sure it was right. This was very frustrating. I wanted TO KNOW. I wanted to be SURE. I wondered if there was anyway to be sure. I asked my husband, the one who died, is there anyway to ever really KNOW? I said, I study and study and put all these Scriptures together, and it looks so right, but then I am still NOT SURE. It is very frustrating. I wanted to KNOW.

I moved where I live now ten years ago. I live all alone. I moved here all alone. It is a very isolated place. I have spent the past ten years studying the Word of God day and night. I sat here alone for years, hand writing in a book the things God was revealing to me.

He started showing me Scriptures which fully interpreted the other Scripture which I was studying. He showed me things in Scriptures which do not really appear there in the natural reading of the Words. He showed me things I had never even imagined. Sometimes it was so strange and different from anything I have ever heard that it would scare me. But then He would explain it to me and show it to me in many Scriptures and then I would KNOW FOR SURE.


I know that what I teach is truth. It cannot be rebuked– not with written Scripture. It is unrebukable. Therefore it is truth.

I am fully satisfied with Jesus in my life. I am fully satisfied with the Holy Ghost in my life. I am fully satisfied with the Heavenly Bread He feeds me daily. I will never turn away from it.

I am going to raise the dead before I die. I am going to work miracles for His honour and glory. He is going to confirm the Word which He has given me. I am going to do the full works Jesus and did and the ‘greater’.

I am going to be among the saints who take over this whole world and reign in righteousness. We are going to subdue the nations and do away with the wicked. This is the heritage of the true saints; not some silly taking off into the sky to escape trouble. We are going to walk straight into the face of ‘trouble’ and stop it. We are going to subdue this whole world and take over the kingdoms and rule them by the Spirit of God.

Jesus is our Captain. We shall never fail. Those who belong to this group will rise on up soon in the power from on high of the Baptism of Fire by which we will cleanse this whole world and rid it of evil.

My what a glorious heritage we have.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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