You Can Not Have Salvation Without

You want a yes, no, answer. I have given it. Here it is:
YES, speaking in tongues is the sign of having received the Holy Ghost, and it is impossible to be born of the Spirit apart from receiving the Holy Ghost.
So, no. You cannot be saved without this manifestation of the Spirit uttering in you. You will absolutely speak in tongues when the Holy Ghost come into you….and if he does not ever come into you, you are none of his….but are lost.
If you reject God’s chosen plan of salvation, you do not believe his word, and you will be lost, believing man’s TWISTED WORDS of denial of all that God did say.
speaking in tongues does not save you…..but you absolutely WILL SPEAK IN TONGUES WHEN YOU ARE BORN OF THE SPIRIT.
It is not the gift of tongues. It is the gift of the Holy Ghost.
There is no salvation apart from this gift of the Holy Ghost. There is no salvation apart from repentance from sin…..of being water baptized in Jesus Name for the remission of your sins.
They must be remitted if you are to receive salvation. This is not man’s works, It is obedience to the Word you claim to believe. IF you do believe it, YOU WILL OBEY IT, AND YOU WILL HAVE THE SIGNS FOLLOWING YOU WHICH JESUS PREACHED WOULD FOLLOW THE BELIEVERS.
If you do not, You do NOT BELIEVE. At least, you do not believe God’s word. You believe a lie to be damned.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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