The Old Testament Law

Do you think that LAW, OT Law, was or is good? Do you think it was ever of or from God?
Have you even read enough OT scripture to know what was involved?
I could write thousands of messages on this subject. In fact I probably already have.

Do you think there was any mercy there? Do you think any love was there?
No, not one bit.
Did you know that under that system, if a parent had a child who would not obey his parents, they were required to bring that child down to the priest and have him KILLED?

If a person committed adultery and many other sins, they had to be stoned to death. no mercy.

If a person so much as went out their door on their Sabbath they were to be STONED TO DEATH.
If they picked up a stick on that day they were to be stoned to death.

on and on this goes. No love; no grace; no mercy. just punishment for every transgression.

There were so many hideous rules and laws that it bogs the mind to read about it.
I can assure you that you would not want to live under that system.

Then do you realize that this is what Jesus delivered us from? And do you not realize that when you fail to obey the things required in the NT, that you will be sent back to that law to be judged and punished?

No salvation will be given to you who think you can do just any old way and get by.
You are in for a sad awakening, but it will be too late.

You would do well to read, study the Book of Acts and get to obeying that instead of your lying preacher.
someday, soon, many of you who now reject all that I tell you will wish you could go back and listen and obey.

Not that I am anything, but because I am one of the few telling you the truth.

I assure you that your failure to obey God as He demands is the reason 45 set you up to be destroyed with that needle that God warned me about 40 years ago.
You who love your foreign gods will also be put out. make no mistake about this, God will not accept anyone into his kingdom of peace when you acknowledge false gods.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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