People Think!

People, think:
Who wants to depopulate the world? who said with vacs and meds, we can bring it down by billions?
who leads this stuff?
So who set it up for the illuminati?
who paid for these killer vacs to be rushed to the market?
and you say if he get back in God will be the winner? God wants all those people maimed and killed? Really?
So it is God’s will for folks to get those shots knowing they are going to kill everyone? the ones who are vaxed will shed things that will kill the others? proven!

he had his chance. so where are we now? think? he had the power and everything he needed to stop the steal.
many good men told him ten avenues he could use to stop biden from going in.
did he use one of them?
No, not one.
so stop deluding yourselves that he will be back and make things good again.
It was all a delusion, games of the deep state, to get you to put your trust in that man, and forget God.

God is giving people their heart’s desire.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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