God Would Change It

I wish to share this with you. I wrote it just now, on Yahoo questions. Someone asked how did the people know what to write in Scripture. This is my answer: …. I have written many, many spiritual messages, as God showed it to me, or revealed it to me. His Spirit speaks to me, so I personally know what it is to be inspired by God.

Sometimes, I would be planning to write one thing, but then God would change it and show me things I did not know, even as I was writing.
Some of my deepest truths, were revealed to me, as I wrote. I spent many nights, writing on my computer. God would show me his truth, as I wrote. Sometimes, He would speak to me, and show me something; then when I came to write what He was showing me, He would anoint my mind with much, much more. He taught me all that I know.

Some of my best messages, I did not even know the truth of it, until I was writing and God would speak it to me. It is truly most marvelous, and available to us today.

I sense that most folks think this is not active for us today. That is only because they do not have the true Holy Ghost anointing teaching them.

The truth is totally different from what people believe today. Everything God has taught me was contrary to all that the church teaches. They have it all wrong, beginning with the foundation. If that is wrong, everything else will be wrong also.
teaching an incarnate god, is a false foundation. It is not what Peter said, and Jesus agreed was the foundation for truth.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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