Aw ha. Got a good one for you all tonight. (even though you will not believe the truth of it; but here goes: ((this is in answer to someone at Yahoo, who said, they worship Satan/Lucifer.
this is the answer I wrote to him….(am putting it here, for I know you all do not know this truth. p.s. if any of you already knew this, I would like to know it)******

You do not know either of them. You should learn who you worship. You cannot put them together, as Satan/Lucifer; because… Lucifer was Adam, before he sinned. This word, Lucifer, means LIGHT BEARER. (so they say)…((now if this is not the meaning, this may not be true; I am assuming this is the true meaning, for it is all I have ever found that Lucifer means.))

So, if Lucifer means, Light bearer, (and I think it does, for Adam was PERFECT when he was created, UNTIL iniquity was found in him.)…Then
After he sinned, became rebellious, and hateful toward God, THEN he was called satan, or the devil, or wicked, or serpent, or dragon, or evil or wicked one. It all means the very same thing = a hypocrite.

Mat 23.
So, as long as Adam was good, he was a light bearer = telling truth.
But when he became wicked,
He became Satan, = telling lies.
So if you worship the wicked one, Satan,
you cannot be worshiping the good one, Lucifer.
They are Adam, but now Adam is wicked. and no longer a light bearer, or Lucifer. This is why the name is never used in Scripture again; but Satan is, many times. Adam never changed back to being good. He is wicked forevermore.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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