Come Truly Out Of Her

Now, I still am trying to put some truth out to this darkened world. Here is an answer I just put on Yahoo, when someone asked the JW why they do not come out of her:;
I wonder…have any of you truly searched the Word of God and found out who the ‘MOTHER’ really is? I seriously doubt it. Well I have and God showed me. (not meaning to be lifting myself up, but only hope to show someone the real truth).

Study the word, SCARLET, PURPLE, FINE LINEN, GOLD…words used in Rev 18 to describe the HER WE ARE TOLD TO COME OUT OF.

Read EXODUS. the answer lies there, crystal clear. It is totally shocking. But the real ‘MOTHER OF HARLOTS’ is old Jerusalem = law system, handed down by MOSES. That old tabernacle they built in the wilderness is the MOTHER OF HARLOTS. This is the ONLY MOTHER described in Scripture.

Now that does not discount old catholicism harlot, or JW harlot, or protestant harlots, etc. They are ALL daughters of the mother harlot = Jerusalem. why do you think Jesus named the PHARISEES as SERPENTS? mat 23.

Why do you think ‘they, the jews’ are the ones scripture calls the murderers of Jesus and all the prophets, and all the righteous blood shed on earth, beginning with Abel?

Do some serious study, folks.
You who fled catholicism, brought out with you their false doctrines, of trinity, incarnate god, holidays, which is devil worship, having one man rule over you, paying them = mark of beast, need to run to some ‘church’.

See, you just ‘think’ you fled HER. You brought her out with you.

Do you STILL deny the baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in other tongues? Do you still deny the gifts of the spirit for us today? Do you deny healing by prayer alone? Do you still claim to be a sinner, saved by grace = sinning every day? If so, you do not know Jesus Christ.
You are still walking in HER DARKNESS.

Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins….do you still deny this and refuse it, Acts 2? If so, you have not gotten into the true kingdom of Christ,YET. You must be baptized into this body.
Do you still deny a full KINGDOM OF GOD = one body but many members….and cling to the lie of 3, or just 1?

If so, you are not being taught by the spirit of God.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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