Prove All Things

Paulette J Smith
I want to say in this post is really to ask you a question.
How is anything of God, if it is not solely centered upon His Word?
There are many people who are so mixed up they think something called a computer chip will be this mark of the beast. This is in answer to that crazy outlandish theory:
Again, where did the Word reveal to you that this mark will be litterally only on people down in our day and that it will be placed there machanically by some man? Where did you learn that?
But my main question is this: how is this world would receiving some kind of computer chip into one’s self, how is this doing something terrible against God?
How is this a sin?
How would this be so terrible as to cause one to end up in hell fire? That is what I would like to see you explain.
And IF this is the terrible sin, of having this mark, why is it not written out clearly in all the Word of God? Would not God plainly tell us what this mark is, since it is a damning sin?
How could God be just to send people to hell because they accept this chip, and then never have told us that thing? and IF He did tell us that taking a computer chip in one’s hand or head, will send one to hell, WHERE IS THAT SCRIPTURE?
Did he leave it up to carnal minded ‘prophets’ to tell us these things, with absolutly no Scripural Proof?
He said PROVE ALL THINGS, HOLD FAST TO WHAT IS GOOD. So have you proven that these chips are the right interpretation?
I wonder if anyone here has really taken the Word down and STUDIED IT TO FIND THIS ANSWER.
Did you seek to see if what I said was true or not? Did you seek for proof of the chip theory? I know you went into man’s books for proof…..but the only real proof is If it is WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURE.
Now if you know of this Scripture, PLEASE SHOW ME THAT.
Would God send souls to hell fire because they allowed a chip to be placed into their hand……..and not ever have warned us about that?
You say this is plain litteral speech, so then that should also be plainly, litterally spoken in the Word.
Where did God say: “now at the end of the world, there will come something called a computer chip, by which you may tracked where you are……this is a sin punishable by eternal death….so don’t ever take this mark……of course only those who live in the 21st century need worry about will not occur until then.”
Why did not God make this thing clear? If this is the true answer, it will be WRITTEN.
This love for money stuff is all over the Scriptures

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