Satan Uses His Ministers

I am going to be posting a series of messages on the mark of the beast, since so many are upset today thinking it can be put into you by someone else.

Satan uses his ministers, (all who speak lies), to get people so stirred up over false things, and so disturbed about things which have absolutely NOTHING to do with this mark of the beast, that they totally overlook the real thing, and run headlong down the path of destruction, having the mark all the while!
Now I know that is a very long sentence. But take it apart. Read it. Listen, almost everyone today is up-in-the-air about computer chips and all such man-made things.
they stirr it and turn it and spit it out. they ‘foam’ at the mouth over it, and slam the door in your face if you say it has nothing to do with it. Why? Not one single Scripture says any such thing! where do they get this mess?
And when the real truth is taught, they spit in your face and slap you down. Why? Because they are simply NOT going to obey God and do his work FREELY.
freely you have received….freely GIVE. Nope. Not these preachers today, nor the singers, nor the musicians, nor the tape-makers,- nor the tract-writters, nor the church cleaners, nor the grass cutters, nor the …etc. etc. and on and one they go.
Yes, to this world, religion is a business! a money-making project! You cannot deny this. Buildings take the place of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, those in prison. etc. etc.
Yes. by all means. That building is above all else. You must put your money into that building fund. You must pay that preacher-man a high SALARY to hear his feeble discourse every sunday or sat.
You are BUYING AND SELLING the things of God, and that is the MARK OF THE BEAST.
SHOUT IT LOUD AND CLEAR. Stop all the foolishness…clamering about computer chips, ssn#, and all such junkie man-made devises. They have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
It is not just for people of our day. God clearly identified CAIN as having this mark. It has not ceased to be. In fact, most people who ever lived had it. AND ESPECIALLY YOU TODay.
‘gotta’ pay that preacher’ …him, “gotta get my pay”… then it is the mark of the beast, not a work for god.
If I never get any other message across, I truly wish I could get you to open your blinded eyes to this one TRUTH.
Stop spending your money for that which is NOT bread, (spiritual truth), come BUY WITHOUT MONEY AND WITHOUT PRICE.
That is the message of JESUS CHRIST.
Why do you ignore it?
When you must pay to hear a message, you better run. It will damn your soul. That mark is in your hand. When you must receive pay to preach a message, you have it in your head.
It has not one thing to do with buying and selling material things. Stop making foolishness out of God’s Word.
your coveting that money is that mark.

Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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