Is God A White Male?🤣

The question was asked, why is God a white male.

This is my answer, and I give it here because this spiritual revelation God gave to me, and it will help you understand Scripture, more, if you get this truth:

I don’t usually answer questions which are obviously asked for the sole purpose of blaspheming our precious, Holy eternal god…but for the sake of some true seekers who might read this, I will give this the right answer, so you might know, you wish to know:

It shows RIGHTEOUSNESS. It shows not having one spot messed up with even one tiny bit of sin, evil or lies. It is pure as pure can be. White as show, is one of the terms.
The white robes in Scriptures, means our righteous glorified bodies which we will be given at our resurrection.
When Jesus was transfigured before the apostles, they saw him as WHITE AS THE LIGHT.

Shinning and white means absolutely pure.
Being MALE, in the God kingdom has nothing to do with human sex. Being the MALE shows the LIFE GIVER.
The SPIRIT kingdom, which is God, is the LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE.
Unless a spirit from that kingdom comes into a human, that person is DEAD…in trespasses and sins.
The Holy Ghost is the Spirit from the kingdom which comes into a human being and gives us LIFE.
Jesus is the one who gives us the Holy Ghost, so Jesus is a spirit MALE, as is God.
But when Jesus was a man on earth, he was….TO GOD…A FEMALE.
It is not sex.
It is not sexual.
Get this. All humanity, is the FEMALES of the universe. All human beings are FEMALE TO GOD.
God has to give us life for us to have life.
So God is the WHITE MALE.
Any person on earth, no matter which earthly color we are, will be WHITE IF WE ARE RIGHTEOUS.
Jesus Christ is the only human being from this earth, which was given the status of becoming a MALE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
He gives us life.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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