Which Church Do You Attend?

There are two different kinds of ‘worship’ known to be ‘church’.
One is a dead, quiet, lifeless form which its own members find to be boring to death…
God said, I hate and despise your SOLEMN ASSEMBLIES.
Then, there is the heated up emotionally worked-up show, put on by some jerk preacher, seeking money and ‘worship’.
This kind appeals to those who wish to get on a ‘high’ at church.
there is only ONE thing that can feed your soul, draw you into the glory of God, lead you into a holy and fulfilling life with God….

To this day I have never heard one single individual preacher who has this true MINISTRY of EXPLAINING the word of God, by proving it with other scripture.
Why are so many church-goers so satisfied with either the dead, formal funeral-type service, or the other, the worked-up music-driven show stuff?
Think on this…why are you not hungry to have the deep truths of God’s word broken to you? why are you satisfied to hear the same old ‘warmed-over’ LIES over and over, sunday after sunday?

God will only accept the Word-driven life. If you do not study God’s word, live God’s word, eat God’s word, desire God’s word, seek to know God’s word, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRUTH AND ARE IN A FAKE RELIGION.
Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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