The Weak Church Today

Why is Christianity so weak today? several reasons. for one thing, they fail to sanctify themselves wholly unto the Lord and His call for ‘be ye holy for I am holy’. They think they can just mix and mingle with the world all they want, and still be powerful with God. Not so.
God said, come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.

God said, my people must humble themselves, repent of their wicked ways and pray… then I will hear and heal you.

God said, his people or body, is to be ONE. One as he and Jesus are one = united and not have divisions among them. Paul said believe the same thing, speak the same thing and be united as ONE.

But we are totally divided. There is NO UNITY among Christians. Everyone just wants to go along with whatever their cult, opps meant denomination drummed up long ago. Do not study the Word of God, seek for his truth, and listen to the ones he has given his truth to. No, they just adore and worship any PREACHER. all one has to do is lift himself up as a preacher, (no matter how dirty his life is), and the blind little sheep just lap up any old thing he drums up. if he can jump around a little bit, scream, holler, wave his arms about, (stirring up emotion, then the blind sheep feel satisfied and he has them hooked.

Now how is God going to use that? The people of God, or at least church folks, joined in with satan, telling those of us who wanted to speak and testify for God, to hush up. be quiet. so now, where is it? satan took over as he meant to do. You, you, you who call yourself christians are to blame. sure you hate to hear the truth. Probably not one of you will even read this…..but let some mealy mouthed paid preacher drum up some fake doctrine and you lap it up.
The big lie that Mary’s baby, Jesus, was God has deceived you all so that you are totally blind to everything is Scripture. you try to interpret the Word of God beginning with this lie, so you cannot see any of the truth of it.
You try to figure out who the anti-christ is, beginning with the lie that at the end of the world, ONE MAN will rise up as antichrist. therefore, you cannot see one truth about this.

You swallowed the lie of a rapture and that caught up means to be taken up on this earth, therefore you miss all of God’s truth.
You believe a lie to be damned for you will not obey God and join with those who do have some truth.

By: Jo Smith…today, June 28, 2015

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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