Law vs.Grace

I am going to be doing a few short sentences to show the differences between law and grace. This is one of the most important subjects in the world and few know a thing about it.
Under the law is no faith and no salvation, so says Scripture. so everyone needs to be very sure that they are free from law.

I say by the Word of God, that the most important distinguishing differences between law and grace, and the most important thing to correct is this:

those who make a difference between men and women are UNDER LAW.
This is the biggest error of all and is the very cause of all the violence in this world.
It all began with Adam deceiving Eve into partaking of law, by doing an animal sacrifice. Isa 1 and 65, 66.

Women have been victimized ever since that day. Not only are they physically mistreated by husbands and other men, but they are SPIRITUALLY DESTROYED.

When ‘they’ say a woman cannot speak, teach or preach or other things that a man can do, this destroys her spiritual life. I know personally≥. it happened to me. But I kept praying and seeking God for the right answer and he gave it to me.
He set me free to do the work of God that He called me to do, which is to teach his word.

He told me, that is LAW…..YOU ARE NOT UNDER LAW.
When a woman cannot be free in the work of God, that is law and she is bound and not free. The men who hold her in bondage are also in bondage.

No one is free until the woman is free.

Equality is the essence of GRACE. Under Grace, there is NO DIFFERENCE IN ANYONE.
No jew, no greek, no gentile….we are

UNTIL EVERYONE ACCEPTS THIS oneness, there is no grace.
Over and over the Word of God says, ye are all ONE. We are all ONE.
This means EQUALS…the same… in unity and agreement.

As long as some say, a man can and a woman can’t, they are under the bondage of LAW and have no salvation.

The kingdom of Christ is one body but many members.

The father is a spirit and the father of spirits. His kingdom is made up of many members…else the kingdom of Christ could not be his IMAGE.

I had not meant to write this much but there is just no way to explain this in a few words. it you do not care enough for truth to read it, just go on believing the lies of man and die under law and be LOST.

It is that important.
The beast is the OT Law system
the image to the beast is the NT seven churches, an image to the seven headed beast of the OT law system…..

one man ruling over others,,,,being set up above the other members……being paid…..making merchandise of God’s people……
holding you in bondage….gotta do this and that or be punished….that is the old beast.

so what did the ‘church’ do? according to the book of Acts and Paul they went right back to law. fell from grace right back to law…..thus becoming the IMAGE OF THAT OLD BEAST.

In the true church of the Book of Acts, the men and women worked on EQUAL GROUNDS. the members were all on the same grounds….THEY WERE ONE.

They did not pay a ‘pastor.’ that is a free work of God. paying is the MARK OF BEAST….YOU ARE IMAGE OF BEAST.

This is so clearly taught in scripture that it cannot even be disputed. Every Christian was a minister….men and women…they were ALL ONE.
and until it is back that way, there is no grace or salvation.

Jo Smith…. June 29, 2020

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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