The Midnight Cry

The midnight cry

A few months ago a friend and I were discussing the Word of God. At some things I said, this person said, God showed me that the midnight cry will go forth in 2015. I did not put a lot of ‘stock’ in that at the time. But just now Wanna and I were discussing the events of the past few days. God had moved on us. He moved on her Sunday to post scripture coming against the FIVE justices destructive decision to allow what they call ‘gay marriage’.

Since that horrific decision seems like an urgency hit everyone. Wanna said that is how it hit her, that she had to take a stand and post those scriptures. As we talked, God was moving on us. We came to see that this move is the CROWNING of those TEN horns on this last seven-headed beast.

A few years ago God spoke to me and said, “Thousand” does not mean the number 1,000. I said, “what does it mean then?”
A study in Strong’s meanings showed me that ‘thousand’ did not at first mean a digit. Look it up in Strongs’ Look up ‘two’, ‘ten’, and ‘twelve’. They all have the same meaning, which is to double a thing or REPEAT IT.

This is very important to understanding the truth of Scripture. Scripture is SPIRITUAL; not natural or carnal. Now natural things may show us when the spiritual is happening. That is the case here.

Thousand means a teaching family or kiln or oxen. The apostles were that first teaching family. Now we are part of that teaching family. Two witnesses does NOT mean 2 men. It means a double or repeat of that first WITNESS CHURCH which began on the Day of Pentecost. At this end time Jesus will raise up, or has raised up another WITNESS CHURCH.

At midnight a cry was made, behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. So TEN virgins awoke, rose and trimmed their lamps. FIVE of them were wise, or had oil in their lamps. FIVE of them were foolish, or had let their lamps go out. No Oil, or Holy Ghost.

As Wanna and I talked, just now, God showed us that the happening in the last few days is that midnight cry. It has gone out in 2015 just as that person said. Now it is a DIVIDING Line or the plumb line.
That divide has dropped down into our midst. Everyone has to take a stand. Everyone will manifest by their stand for that filthy decree or their stand against it, which side they are on; the foolish side or the wise side.

See, FIVE foolish ‘virgins’ cast forth this evil decree. It seems to have awaken everyone. All over the world people are casting forth their stand for or against this evil decree. Everyone has to make a decision here and now. So long, the horrible debate for or against ABORTION or murdering babies, has brought forth many who took their stand here. Some did not take a stand. But see, only PART of those ‘ten’ horns had been crowned. Now all ten are crowned. It is the last one.

Homosexuality is an abomination to the Living God. All who take a stand in favor of this evil, have made your eternal decision and you will not be able to change sides ever again. What you decide now, in this evil time, will be your last chance to go with Jesus or be against Him.

You might think I do not know what I am talking about. But that is because you do not understand the working of God in the last few years. You ‘think’ you do because of listening to the lies of that whore church. But it is time now to COME OUT OF HER. Take your stand with the true people of God or his word.

The DIVIDING Line has come and everyone will have to get on one side or the other. No more standing in between; straddling the fence. Jesus said, make the tree good and the fruit good, or make the tree bad and the fruit bad. Now the time has come that you must do this.

Will you take your stand for righteousness or for evil? You will either run to these rocks of God and ask for protection from his wrath, or you will continue to think you can hide in your ‘dens’ and ‘caves’, which is those carnal CHURCHES.

They cannot save you. You must COME OUT OF HER. Partake not of her sins, lest you also receive of her plagues. They are now set to come.

If you remain carnal minded, justifying these in their sins, your own destruction awaits you.

If you choose to come into spiritual truth, you MUST UNITE WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS, AND COME TO THE UNITY OF THE FAITH. Stop fighting those of us who show you the way of truth and righteousness. Watch those in Facebook and the world, who claim to be Christians, but never put out anything from or about God. They are being deceived. If He is on your mind, that is what your mouth will speak. They are trying to stay inside a little bubble and hide from the ‘stigma’ or reproach’
of being all out for Jesus. But I am telling you now, you cannot continue to hide behind that den’s door. You must come out in the OPEN and be MANIFEST. Are you for God or against?

By: Jo Smith …. June 30, 2015

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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