Man Worship

got scary news for you…. churches have never been bringing or teaching the NT gospel of grace.
They teach LAW.

(a woman must be ruled over; a woman must keep silent. a woman cannot preach or teach; never open your mouth. keep shut all that God reveals to you……?what? God reveals to women….not a chance….say they.
Paul said, THIS IS LAW.

a ‘jesus-only’ preacher once told me, ‘I hate your spirit…
‘yes, sure. He hated the true Holy Ghost.
He hated the true NT gospel of GRACE.

Paul said, ‘in Christ there is no distinction between males and females; you are all ONE, or equals.

That is NT Grace. which church teaches this? I want to know.
Now, they go to law again: you must tithe and pay that preacher.
Yet NT grace message says, there is no law on this; no constraint. You give to help hurting people, as you have prospered; not by constraint. or law.
what church teaches this.

they teach, you have a duty to be at your church and only your church, when the doors are open. You are obligated to be there and inform your pastor when you will be gone.
No Grace teaching. There is no requirement to run to some church.
God said, I hate your appointed feasts….. meaning set time for this.

church says, you have to be at church on Sunday, or with some, Saturday.

No Scripture teaches this. It is not grace. it is their law. not even God’s old law.

they say, you must keep a sabbath day. (not even knowing what it means). that is LAW.


so where are you? back under law. Paul said you fall from grace and Christ is of no effect to you if you go back to law.

?but do you fear to listen to your ignorant preacher, who is a hireling? no. not at all. you fear to listen to me and Paul.

Jesus said, search the Scriptures. study to show yourselves approved to God. but your church says, just listen to you pastor and obey him. thus they bring you into MAN WORSHIP.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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