Satan and Man

Satan’s strongest weapon against Christ and his people is…people’s IGNORANCE of the truth of God’s word. Yes, people, while you watch your silly movies and such, love your ball games, your silly holidays, Satan is slowly sinking everyone into destruction, as all they hear, all children hear is LIES. Mary had a baby god. men killed that god on a cross. God is three folks. Nope, God is just one and that one came down into Mary’s womb and changed himself into a helpless baby.

Scripture does NOT teach any such stuff. So while I am hated for the truth that I teach, I am trying to sound the alarm in Mt Zion. I am blowing the trumpet. why can’t you all hear the sound of the trumpet? too many idols and false shepherds have lulled you into a numbing sleep, which I am afraid most will never wake up from.
While you sleep, satan is taking over this world and dragging you and your children down to hell.
Sure you run to your sunday or saturday church; but then you refuse any truth God shows. You refuse to study the Scriptures so your eyes can be opened to truth.
You hold to this lie that Mary gave birth to a baby god and you should decorate trees, exchange gifts, all in the name of this ‘baby god’.

So satan has sent you a strong delusion, to believe a lie and be damned. deaf ears cannot and will not hear the sound of the trumpet.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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