Fled To the Wilderness

the first time the woman fled to the wilderness was at the falling of the OT. Those in Judea fled to the mountains of the NT ministers. Those apostles fed her there and she was safe from the fall.
The next time the woman flies to the wilderness is at the falling of the image to that OT beast system of law….the corrupt church.
Those who finally see the corruption of that old church system will finally run free, to the wilderness of the second witness, who will feed her there from the face of that old serpent.

The first half hour silence was between the falling of the OT and the coming of John the Baptist.
There was no word from God from the writing of Malachi until John came preaching.
John came out of the WILDERNESS where he had written the book of Revelation, the first word from God in 400 years.

Then we had the preaching of Jesus Christ and the apostles. They fed the saints the pure word of God again.

but that church apostated and took up all the lies and heathen practices of the past. So again that whore rose up her ugly head against the truth of God, while claiming to be the one sent from God.

So again that old Babylon had to fall. the fall of the church.

this time there is the other half hour of silence in heaven, as the few who now know the truth hush up and stop trying to reach folks with the truth because that old harlot church has blinded them all.

So, do you know what comes next?
It is so glorious to wake up early, lay there not doing anything and have God begin teaching you in the quiet of the morning.
This above was my lesson today.

Jo Smith….. July 14, 2019

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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