The Move of God

God showed me that the Move of God in the Book of Acts was not a church.
I and many others say this was the first and only true Church. Not so.

It was never called a church. The seven churches in Revelation are the only ‘churches’. They are the seven heads on that beast that made an image to the first beast, which is the OT law system.

Revelation one says that were seven churches. The group in the Book of Acts is NOT ONE OF THEM.

Jesus told his disciples, you are my WITNESSES.

There were two witnesses. Zech explains the vision and said the seven candlesticks are seven CHURCHES. But on either side of this candlestick were TWO OLIVE TREES.

He explains that these are the TWO ANOINTED ONES that stand before the God of the earth.

False doctrine claims these are two mere men or prophets. Not true. These are two anointed GROUPS of people who do show the world God.

Jesus said, if you see me, you see the Father. He did NOT mean that he himself was the Father. He meant I am showing God to you by the works that I do.

He then said, if you believe you will do the same works that I do.
He told his disciples, you are witnesses of ME.

So, As Jesus showed God to the world, his witnesses show Jesus to the world.

Now there was to be TWO witnesses. The Holy Ghost filled people in the Book of Acts was the first WITNESS. They showed Jesus to this world by the works they did. People took note of them that they had been with JESUS.

They are a WITNESS of Jesus; not a church.

But there is to be one witness group of people AFTER THE SEVEN CHURCHES.

The first witness showed the world Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost. This spirit of God is for the purpose of healing the sick; bringing salvation. and all the mighty works that Jesus did.

Jesus did not bring the wrath of God on the earth. He did not bring Judgment at that time.

But it is set to come. It can only come by the Spirit of FIRE.

So there will yet be a group of people, who have obeyed God and COME OUT OF HER….that old polluted church.

Yes, we came out into the wilderness, just as the group in Acts came out of that polluted old law system. They came out into the wilderness with their God.

This next group will be anointed with power from on high by the Baptism of FIRE.

This group will not be a church. It will be a WITNESS OF JESUS.

We will be that second WITNESS, showing the world the power of Jesus bringing the wrath of the Lamb on this wicked world.

Jo Smith…. July 24, 2018

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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