Serpent Meat or True Doctrine

twisted doctrine is serpent meat or food. so when you ‘eat’ of accept twisted doctrine you are eating serpent’s or satan’s food or word.
it takes a spiritual mind to see the real truth of God’s word, it is spiritual meat.
so God wrote his Word in such a way that only those who seek Him and his truth can understand Scripture.
the rest will take the carnal interpretation and be lost.

God said some would eat the flesh of their children. you carnal-minded, eating the words of the serpent, see this as if they actually cooked and ate their own children.

God said, the Word was made flesh; knowing the serpents would think it means baby jesus.

But the spiritual-minded know it means the Word is made into a spiritual message that can feed our soul.

The serpent is twisted; hence a twisted interpretation.

My Father and I are one.
another place the serpent mind runs wild. no amount of truth can take away the lie that they see in this.

no matter how many times Jesus said, I do only what my Father shows me to do, they will not accept his words.

Tell them ‘we are all one’. and they vomit.

so they condemn their own selves by refusing to seek spiritual truth.
the twisted doctrine says, Jesus had a birthday and we need to put up decorated trees, and exchange presents etc. to honor his birthday,.

they are doomed for they cannot and will not allow themselves to be taught any real truth. all that they believe is twisted or serpent meat.

it never fits real scripture. no scripture mentions any incarnate god yet they all believe this lie.

ever belief of the church is this way…. serpent meat or twisted or crooked doctrine.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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