Law and Grace

Until you understand certain principles in Scripture you will not be able to get the truth.
There are TWO Trees all through Scripture.
On Tree is LAW, or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Scripture is very clear on this matter. Romans 3, 5, 6 & 7.

The other tree is GRACE.

There are Two covenants. One is Law, or the OT, given to Adam.
The other is Grace, or the NT, given to the other Son, Jesus.

Now Adam is a created Son. He was given great power, wisdom and authority, so that he was the Lord of this earth.

He used that power for evil, taking the people into law, so he could rule over them and become as a god.

The other son is a begotten son, or a human man, to whom God gave the Holy Ghost and eventually raised from the dead, in the new birth, a glorified body, now in the image of God. (God beget this son in the heart of the man, Jesus Christ; not in Mary’s womb.)

To this Son, God took the kingdom from Adam and gave it to Jesus.

But that has not been fulfilled altogether yet. Jesus achieved a high place that Adam only coveted, but never received…..Heb 1….that of being allowed to rule on the throne of God, as Lord God and actually had God’s permission to be worshiped as a god.

Gen 5….. there are two ‘books’ or accounts of TWO generations in Scripture.
The first is “This is the BOOK OF THE GENERATIONS OF ADAM”.

The OT is that Book; or everyone and everything in the OT is the generations of ADAM…..first-man, Adam.

Mat 1…. this is the only other Book of such:

This is the NT. Everything in this time is the kingdom of Jesus.

Now in this kingdom, both bad and good are there, same as with the kingdom of Adam.

As long as we are here in this flesh, bad and good are together.

At the ‘wedding’ all were in there. But when the master came to see the guests, he saw there someone (at the wedding or the kingdom) that did not have on a wedding garment. (in other words he didn’t have the Holy Ghost or be righteous.)

At this time the good and the bad are separated and they will no longer grow together.

Now, under the first kingdom or Adam, everyone was BORN IN SINS AND INIQUITIES. there is none good, no not one.



Jesus cleansed the entire world, animals and everyone, when he died on that cross.
He was a sin-sacrifice for everyone.

This is the only sin-sacrifice that God ever accepted.

So, from that time till the end, everyone is born RIGHTEOUS OR CLEANSED.

No babies are sinners, now. No Babies are born in sin, since Jesus cleansed this earth.

He did what Adam could not do. This is the tree of LIFE.

BUT…….NOW GET THIS…..BUT….if one does evil and does not obey Jesus and live a righteous life, they forfeit that cleansing.

They will be taken OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE.

They will be taken out of the wedding. SCRIPTURE IS VERY CLEAR ON ALL OF THIS.

Everyone in the kingdom of Christ is given ONE MEASURE OF FAITH.

Everyone has that in the beginning of their life. In the OT there was no faith given, except to very few like Moses.

These few had found GRACE.

Unless you obey Jesus and study the Word of God, and obey it, you will fall from this GRACE BACK TO LAW AND CHRIST WILL BE OF NO EFFECT TO YOU.

Thus you will forfeit your grace, your measure of faith, that will be taken from you and you will be cast into outer darkness forever.

You best study this short message and Ask God to open your understanding.

Jo Smith, August 2, 2019

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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