The Religious Hypocrite

The serpent, (religious hypocrite) sent out a FLOOD ….out of his MOUTH….
speaking lies…lies. lies. You cannot quit sinning. You will always be a sinner and a liar. that is lies.
that is the flood.
Are you the one that got carried away with these lies? If you are reading this there may still be time for you to repent and obey the Word of God.

and be delievered from the serpent’s flood of lies. to say that some MAN causes other men to become something in God, is SATANIC WORSHIP OF THE CREATURE MORE THAN THE CREATOR.

you say, well I believe in this prophet, that preacher….I REST MY SOUL IN THE WORKS OF THAT OTHER PERSON…….not what I now do with my God and what my God does with me.

so you are drowning in the flood the serpent sent out of his mouth.

You say, well serpent was an animal who did adultery with Eve…..that is the stormest part of the FLOOD that the SERPENT sent out of his mouth.

“I will not listen to the pure word of God, if spoken by a woman son of God”…
(what? a woman son of God?)….they who are led of the Spirit of God are sons of God……so do you think that only men can be led of the Spirit…..
if so, you are drowning in the flood the serpent sent out of his MOUTH.

so now. run to that den on sunday and let that serpent continue to send your soul to hell fire.

Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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