Justifying Your Sins

Justifying your sins ~~using Jesus

August 4, 2018, ~~~ by: Jo Smith

The serpent sent out a flood, out of his mouth. Now you carnal minded, think about this: what you think the serpent is, ( a natural snake)…picture this snake sending out enough water out of his mouth to cause a flood; a flood large enough to cause the woman to be carried away with this flood.

This is what you should be seeing since you think the Scriptural serpent is a reptile snake. And remember, the carnal mind is enmity with God and is death.

So then what do you suppose this flood is? Real Water? very funny…. a snake sending out a flood of water out of his mouth. But then that is what the last day prophets said.

Well just to get on with the message, I will tell you: this flood is the lies coming out of the mouth of the serpents. Yes, yes. The serpents that you pay to stand in your church and feed you the maggots of the harlot church. And I mean them ALL. None of you are exempt. All of you who sit and listen and pay a man to do your studying for you, and feed you his slop, are eating the maggots of lies, coming from the mouth of that serpent you love so much.

He tells you all you have to do to be saved, eternally, is just say you believe in Jesus and ask God to forgive your sins. But the big trap is this: he then tells you that will go on in your sins all of your life. He says you cannot quit your sinning. He says Jesus cannot and will not cleanse you from all sins and filthiness of the flesh and spirit.

Yet the Word of God said to cleanse yourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit.
So you say, I am still a sinner and the blood of Jesus saves me anyway. By Jesus I can sin everyday and still be saved. Your serpent says you can even wait until you are dying to turn to Jesus and say, forgive me and you will end up in heaven…….. serpent flood of lies.

Jesus told people, go your way and SIN NO MORE. Yet you claim that by the death of Jesus you can sin and never repent or have to give up your sinful lives. You are using the false Jesus that your serpent brought up, to try and justify your sinning. That serpent even claims that Jesus forgives you FUTURE sins and you are fine and no need to sanctify your life.

Hebrews says that if you sin willfully after coming to Jesus there is no sacrifice for those sins and you will end up lost. But you listen to the flood of lies your serpents sent out.

Scripture says you are they which justify yourselves. Yes, you serpents claim you are a saved sinner. No scripture upholds this lie. It is part of that flood that has you using Jesus to justify your sinful lives. You go to your den and sing these lies so that you cannot begin to see any truth. So many of your songs in that den teach this flood of lies.

Scripture says in 1John that those who are born of God cannot sin for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin. He said, this is how we know the children of God from the children of satan…..in whether they sin or not. But that serpent stands in that den and declares that you will forever be a sinner, for Jesus cannot cleanse you and fill you with a Holy Spirit that causes you to love righteousness and hate iniquity.

Scripture even tells us to bring every thought under subjection to Christ. Have holy thoughts. Do not slander your neighbor. Do not tell lies. Do not commit adultery for all who do will not inherit the kingdom of Christ. But your serpent says, Oh no. Saved adulterers will go to heaven. Even homosexuals will go to heaven if they just believe. Lies, lies, lies. that FLOOD has you drowning in destruction.

Scripture says in Roman 6, awake to righteousness and SIN NOT. Yet your serpent says, you cannot quit sinning. When they asked Peter how to be saved, His first words were: REPENT. Repent means to be so sorry for your sinning that you cry and weep and finally come to the place you can say, I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN. AND YOU MUST MEAN THIS for God to even consider accepting you.

God said, Come out from among the unclean and I will accept you. Yet you use Jesus to say, I can sin all I want and end up saved. You are trying to use Jesus to justify your sinful life. That flood has carried you away.

There is much, much more to prove this message, but this is enough for now. You are not going to read it or believe it anyway. That serpent has you so deceived that you hate the truth, ESPECIALLY IF A FEMALE SON OF GOD IS SAYING IT. That serpent flood has so convinced this world that God will not allow his Daughters to carry his Word.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus put down the high and mighty ones from their seats and raised up the low ones. He reversed it and raised up the WOMEN. Yet that flood from the serpents mouth says NO. NO. YOU MUST GO BACK TO LAW AND TELL THOSE WOMEN TO BE SILENT. SO SAYS THE SERPENTS.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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