Not of God

So many ‘christians’ are depending on something that is totally not of God, to take them to heaven. This is a very dangerous situation. It will be of eternal consequence to your soul.

You who think that your going to church is what gets you with God, are being deceived.
Then we have those who think they can ride the coattail of some preacher, and especially those who think
they have a prophet.

The prophets prophesy lies. They took things from any and every source except the Word of God.

You absolutely cannot get with God or to heaven except you and God have a one on one relationship. You cannot count on what that man or church had or has.

If you do not have what you need with God, yourself, the other will do you no good. Jesus died to open the way to God up to everyone who will obey God’s word.

You cannot get to God through william branham or any other man. He did not preach God’s word. He took his message, of lies, from JOSEPHUS. He did not even pretend to be preaching the Word of God, for the most part. He said, this came from Josephus and it is the worst of lies.

But even if he did preach God’s word, and even if he did perform true miracles, (which he did not)….that would not take you to heaven. Believing in him or anyone else is not going to save your soul.
You can claim to have it with God all you wish, but when you must relay to what that man, or any other had and said and did, you are missing God.
It must be YOU AND GOD.
Also when you think you are saved and did not do it the way told in the Book of Acts, and you think you are still a sinner, you are only deceived. There is no other way, than Acts 2.

I do not say these things to hurt anyone, but trying to wake you up. Satan has you lulled to a deadly sleep.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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