The Dead Sand Castle Church

It is past time to move out of the SAND house…(emotional church) and get to a solid Rock foundation…one that can and does expound Scripture.

I am yet to hear a ministry that expounds the Word of God.
and I have listened to all of them. (not meaning every single person, but a good sampling of them all). and I have not found one that expounds the Word of God.

all any of them have is the sand foundation that was handed down to them…..from other sand preachers.

churches decided to pick up a certain doctrine and that is all they have….all they give out…and the starving kids think that if he can act a little emotional he is giving them something great. It is NOTHING.

More sand.
church is that sand foundation. oh I know you don’t like this truth, but it IS THE TRUTH.
church is that harlot against God. sure they all are….else how could they do all the idol holidays? they are ALL DEVIL WORSHIP. not one word of Scripture for any of them.

so it is sand. you have built your house on the sand.

When you deny the Father, which is a spirit, and pretend baby Jesus or the man Jesus was God, you are antichrist.
Jesus told old Jerusalem, ‘how often I would have gathered you under my wings….. HUH? he had wings>>>>.
but you would not.
they would not. WHAT?

YOUR CHURCH never taught you what this means for they do not know.

The great and powerful last group of Christians were given two WINGS…of a great Eagle…..
so what does it mean?

get out of that dead sand castle and learn the Word of God OR PERISH.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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