Are You Proving Your Not A Believer?

Jesus Christ, the SAME yesterday, today and forever. He does not change….if he ever cast out evil spirits, he does today.
If he ever healed the sick, he does today.
If believers ever spoke with other tongues, they still do today.

when you look to the past, and say, If we had been in THAT day, we could get healed, or these evil spirits cast out.

If we had been back in branham’s day, this would work, through him…..of if that pastor could pray for this, it would be…..
and you think you can get to heaven or someone else’s belief or works? not so. it is lies of satan.

When you have a need,,,,someone who has evil spirits, and you do not even attempt to cast them out….where is your faith?
Jesus said, those who BELIEVE, shall do these things.

when you must run to something other than your own prayer in faith, to do the job, are you not denying that Jesus is the same TODAY?

are you not proving that you are NOT A BELIEVER?

THINK IT OVER….God has not stopped being God just because so and so is not here……he was not God.
your pastor is not God.
His faith, if you can find one that has any…..will not save you or bring you up in Christ Jesus.
It takes your own faith….putting this into action….do you not even have the faith to ask?

for your own soul’s sake, you need to take stock of what you are calling faith……if you do deny that Jesus is still casting out evil spirits today….you have no faith.

Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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