How Long Have You?

How long have you been serving God? How long have you been going to church? How long have you been studying the Word of God?
How many times a month do you hear essentially the same message at church? The Holy ghost is to lead us and guide us into ALL TRUTH.
How much truth has He led you into in the last month? year?
How much more do you know today than you did last year?

If you are not steadily progressing, learning more and more truth, take heed that the spirit you think is the Holy Ghost is not just an old ‘church’ spirit, which has no interest in truth and no knowledge of it.
If your preacher is not regularly teaching you new secrets and deep truths in Scripture, he is a minister of satan, and you are a student of satan.

Jo Smith….like it or not, this is the truth…..why are you satisfied to never learn anything new in God’s word? do you think you know it all? does your preacher/church? why do you put up with the same old message year in and year out, and cannot prove one word of it.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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