Scriptures Do Not Say

No Scripture says, God the son. No scripture teaches that the son was god, BEFORE God, the spirit kingdom, set this MAN ON THE THRONE OF GOD, Heb 1.
I truly do not see even one person in here who understands this as Scripture teaches it. I see no one who truly understands HOW AND WHEN JESUS BECAME THE SON OF GOD.
everyone is blinded by the lying teaching of an incarnate something. JW think an angel incarnated. See, they are just as blind as the rest.
No SON OF GOD LEFT HEAVEN AND GOT INTO MARY. such total foolishness.
When God gave to Jesus ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH, after his resurrection, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT LEFT GOD POWERLESS. It means that Jesus now operates in all the power of the eternal God, as our Lord and Our God.
GOD THE FATHER IS RESTING in this age. Jesus is ruling. Not one soul in here understands this and does not seem to want to come to the truth.
Mary did not have a baby god. She had a human son, the son of DAVID, VIA JOSEPH. Done by the Holy Ghost; not sex. now let the carnal-minded come out of darkness into some light.
You surely do need help with this English. It does NOT mean that the Father’s name is Jesus. Not at all. “in the name of”, means by this authority.
Jesus did what he did, by the authority of his Father. God. who is the head of Christ.
the apostles baptized in the NAME OF JESUS, because they did what they did by the authority of JESUS CHRIST. He is their head.
Now do you understand this simple principle?
Your whole understanding of Scripture is tattered because of this misunderstanding. It is full of HOLES. It is full of errors.
No God left heaven and got inside Mary. that is a teaching of satan.
Mary did not have a god in her womb. On the Day of Pentecost, God entered her HEART, as he does us, when we receive the Holy Ghost.When Scripture is speaking of God, the word ONE…. does not mean the digit, 1.
When it speaks of three, that does not mean the digit, 3.
You cannot ‘count’ God. this is error and everyone is guilty, therefore, they do not see the truth….neither the trinity believers, nor you, nor the JW, nor any other church that I know of.
GOD IS A FULL KINGDOM,,, ONE BODY, MADE UP OF MANY MEMBERS. else, how is Christ in his image?
As long as you and they, try to number God, and bring him down to human level, of understanding, you will never find the truth.
You do not have the truth, neither do they. So, are any of you desirous of finding God’s truth? or just wish to prove some orgs doctrins?
To believe a lie, is damnation to the soul. Best stop trying to prove a thing, and study the KJV, and ask God to speak to you. Your argument is most absurd.
Jesus was GIVEN the power of God, AFTER HIS RESURRECTION, so Jesus is the one we worship, he is our God, he baptizes us with the holy ghost.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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