The Evil System of Today.

The essence of the messages that I posted here today is this: all of the foregoing ‘church’ moves, evangelists moves, organizational
moves, since the Apostolic church in Acts, have all been MAN-CENTERED and have all FAILED.
They did not have the TRUTH. They have not centered on the Word of God. They have centered on NUMBERS, money, personality, popularity, and soothing their congregations, so they give them more MONEY.

The Word of God means nothing to them. Oh sure, they speak a tiny bit of scripture and a little something about Jesus, here and there, as they MUST in order to keep up their pretense. But see, without the TRUTH, without centering on the pure Word of God, seeking its truth, they have nothing for a foundation. They are all on SINKING SAND.

There has been no true FAITH found in any of these moves; not with the evangelists, or the churches. I had to get out of church altogether to learn how to have faith. I had to get out of church to learn the truth of Scripture. This, dear friends, is the ONLY WAY.

You are in bondage when you are tied to a church. They will not allow you to learn and grow up in Christ. they hold you as a prisoner and a tiny child. if you disagree with this, just try to make a statement, find a truth in the Word of God, which they do not teach, and try to bring it forth to the group. They will not allow you to do so.

If you disagree with their false doctrines, they will get rid of you. If you are a baptist and try to come into the Holy Ghost, or faith for healing or any other gift of the Spirit, or even just raise your hands and worship outloud, then you are sent away and branded as a heretic.
When the catholic leaders decided to say God was a trinity, those who knew better were kicked aside and even murdered.
When they decided to take up saturnalia and call it christmas, going against a direct command of God, those who refused were destroyed.

Later another group decided to say God was just one, being Jesus. This Jesus then had to leave heaven and get into Mary and change himself into a person who was part man and part God. Thus they brought up the same lie of catholicism, that of an incarnate god.

yet there is not even one mention in all of God’s word for this ‘incarnate god’. So it is not TRUTH. Yet the entire church world declares this lie to be the truth.

A man called william branham brought up hideous lies against the Mother of all living, Eve. He claims that she committed adultery with some animal creature and had Cain. Even though Scripture is explicitly clear that Adam is the father of Cain, millions of deceived souls cling to this lie.

And so I could go on all night, with every doctrine of any church and show you that not one word of it is proven in any scripture. So then tell me, why do so many cling to these lies and never get into Scripture and prove what is right?

They are all on sinking sand, hating truth. This foundation of rottenness will not save one soul.

There has to come another pure move of God, built on nothing but the pure TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE.

This is the only hope for this world. Without another pure Church, which is built on God’s word, truth, nothing will be saved.

It must be exactly like the first pure Church, in the book of Acts. This is the only model that God made or will ever accept. One man having all the say in a group, and being paid to do his little lying speaking, is of satan and God will destroy this evil system.

It must have all the power of God at work in it. The only way this can be done, is to return completely to the Truth of Scripture.
It must not have any idol holidays in it. It must have equality for all the saints of God in it. There is not power in music and songs. God said in Amos that he HATES THIS STUFF.
It must not be built on a big, fancy building. God calls them palaces and said in Amos that he HATES THEM.

It must heal the sick by prayer and faith alone. This is all that God accepts.

It must have the truth of God and his Son. It is anti-christ to deny both the Father and the son. BOTH means two of something.

But the God kingdom is made up of many, many members. Until you learn this and come into God’s true glory, you are not a true body of Christ.

By: Jo Smith…. Sept 3, 2015

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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