The Storm

Irma and Church storm.

As I was relaxing today, and mediating on the things of God, this came to me:
The building up of moisture in the air until a whirlwind forms, and then it continues to heap up more and more moisture until it forms a huge mass of whirling DANGER, is naturally the same thing that the lies of ‘church’ has done, spiritually.

The wild mass of whirling moisture and wind then takes off to see how much damage and turmoil it can do.

The more moisture and wind that has generated into the storm ..the more damage it can do, as seen with Irma and Harvey.

The very same way,,,, lies after lies,, after more lies, pile up from lying preachers, and then deceived folks carrying these lies to everyone else, form a massive storm of lies, that tear down the spiritual lives and salvation of almost everyone.

Very few are strong enough, on their own, to get free of this whirling mass of lies. The lies have built up so much, for so long, that they have destroyed the original City of Truth.

Can you…..will you even try to break free? Come once again into the haven of truth?


Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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