The Vault

third section from indicting the false religion; (hope some will at least read the small sections…especially this one):

The cement vault:

The people in the false religion, any and all of them, those gates of hell, have allowed Satan to cement their eyes closed, their ears shut and their heart as a stone. They hate any truth and refuse to allow anyone to even get close to showing them anything different from what their gate to hell declares to them.

With one accord, they have refused to look at any truth, until their heart is hard as a stone and cemented closed. They allowed Satan, the gates to hell, to put their eyes out, as they put Samson’s eyes out. Now they are grinding in the prison house of the idol god, the incarnate god.

They love this idol too much to let any truth crumble that cement vault which Satan cemented them into. After all, their incarnate god lets them do all the holidays. With the true God, they would have to clean up their lives and stop their adultery, TV watching, holidays, and all such evil. They would have to stop their lying. Their harlot preachers would have to stop taking pay for doing what the say God called them to do, for now they would know some truth, that this is the mark of the beast. They are not about to do that. So they cling to Satan’s cement vault.

You cannot pierce through that hard heart of stone and those cemented eyes and ears. No need to worry your soul trying. I have worn myself out trying. God told me last night, there is no use trying any longer. They want no part of my truth. They are hiding behind those closed doors of their dungeon, their ‘church’ or gate to hell. Their preachers commit all kinds of evil, adultery and lying, making God’s things merchandize, for their own financial benefit, completely contrary to God’s command not to do so.

The people want no part of having to study for themselves, pray themselves, heal the sick themselves. They only wish to ‘go to that gate of hell,’ sit on the bench, be entertained, pay the fake preacher, and go home and watch their movies, and say, I have done my duty. Jesus said if you do it out of duty, it is unprofitable. They want to go watch the show and not have to put forth any real effort or work to serve God. The fake preacher wants the pre-eminence, or admiration or worship, so he loves the work, for it is abundantly good pay, and he gets to sit up above the people, in that throne chair of Satan’s and be looked upon with the worship of the people. So together, they wrap it up.

He does not have to study the Word of God, for the gate to hell, his denomination leaders, tells him what to believe and what to preach and when to preach it. I know this is true, for some of those fake preachers have told me so. And of course God has told me so. They hate for anyone in their false church to start really loving the Scriptures, studying them, and then begin to question what the gates to hell is telling them. They will push such a one right out the door, for you become an ABEL to the CAINS.

Yes, this fake Babylon religion had its beginning back in Genesis, with Adam and Cain. Cain showed this hateful spirit of the gates to hell, in killing his brother, because Abel stood against their false religion. This same hateful spirit is on all who hold to the false religion. They will not listen to anyone other than their fake leader. This is because Satan has cemented their soul up in that vault. The will hate you and try any way to hurt you, when you speak God’s truth to them. This same hateful spirit, (bird), has tortured and murdered untold millions who spoke the truth of God.

They are locked inside that cage of every hateful bird. And they cannot get out. God called to them to come out, but they refused. Now that gate has swung shut and they are trapped and cannot get out.

Now those apostolic, (fake) churches, set up copy-night-club shows right in their churches, (I know this personally)–, hold truck-or-tricks, for the celebrating of Satan and his evil spirits, hold the fake birthday party for their fake incarnate god, and get out and sell to the community, against the direct command of the true Jesus, (but remember, he is not their God).. To get money for their gate to hell. And they will fight anyone who speaks out against these evils. Why? They are cemented into that cage of every hateful and unclean bird. And they would have it no other way. They will fight and claw your eyes out if you try to show them this is all wrong.

It matters not which one of those gates to hell they went through. The end condition and spirit is the same…they end up hating all truth, closing their own eyes, and flat refuse to hear anything else, except their false message.

The Baptist gate convinced their victims that all they must do for salvation, is just say, I believe and ask forgiveness of sins. They say it is belief, plus nothing, minus nothing. Now none of the victims care that the Word of God does NOT say that. They are cemented into this gate of hell, and nothing can break that cement loose from their hearts.

They have been so convinced that Baptism has nothing to do with salvation, that no amount of Scripture Proof is acceptable to them. They love that false religion, for they can still have all the sin they want. And they want plenty.

The Catholic gate to hell has convinced their victims that all they must do is worship that pope and obey him, pay plenty of money to they will get their sins forgiven. They love this cement vault so much, nothing can get them out of it.

The Apostolic gate to hell convinced their victims that they have the only incarnate god, and blinded them to any other truth. So they are trapped in their cement vault. They all refused to hear the call to come out of her, my people. They ended up in that cement cage of every hateful and unclean bird. No matter who tries to give them a good truthful message to study, they flat refuse. Their eyes they have closed and their ears are cemented shut. So God said there is no use in trying any longer to help these victims get free, for they are in that cage by their own choosing and do not want freedom.

If they had to live in a true Religion, of pure EQUALITY, like God said, they would run and hide in fright and hate. They want no part of EQUALITY. Equality is the very heart and nature of God, himself. This is why they ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, perpetuate

the false incarnate god. They hate the true God, a kingdom of many members, all united in perfect love, harmony, and equality. This is why this gate to hell changed the real meaning of being ONE. They want no part of EQUALITY, which is the true meaning being ONE. If their ‘god’ were just 1 being, or a ‘monotheistic’ god, as they claim, then they have no obligation to become ONE in the true sense of being EQUAL in all things, without one ruling over the other, as Jesus commanded his people to live. If their ‘god’ is not in this kind of ‘oneness’, they do not need to be, for they are supposed to be in his image. So then they can all just live for themselves, for God is all out for just 1, himself.

No sire. That preacher has to have the preeminence and get paid and be worshipped. He is not going to accept any EQUALITY. Men are certainly not going to accept any EQUALITY. No sire. They have their ‘bondwoman’ , and they intend to keep her. And of course, she is so beguiled by this gate to hell, that she wants no part of equality, which requires HER also to study the Word, pray, teach, preach, do all the works of God. No sire. Let her sit and watch her TV. And do away with any thoughts of EQUALITY. Her vault is cemented shut.

So, saints of God, True Saints of God, of the True God, stop wasting your time trying to get these haters of truth, out of their cement vault. They will only hate you for it. Jesus told us not to cast our precious pearls before these swine. They will TRAMPLE your pears and turn and rend you.

I have seen that proven in my life millions of times. So Last night I really asked God to show me his will for me, as it is clearly evident that I am doing no good trying to help anyone. He showed me this message.

Only a true Saint of the True God, (not any incarnate god; that is the fake god)– will be able to HEAR this message.

By: Jo Smith ~~ Jan. 19, 2009

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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