GMO in food

GMO—Man has taken God-made, healthy FOOD, that was health to our bodies, and placed into this healthy food, poison and other things that are contrary to the food itself.In doing this, they have produced a polluted food that, instead of giving us health, gives us sickness and death.Now, God showed me the same has taken place in the spiritual food, that was to give us soul-health and eternal life.Man has injected poison and other pollutants into the spiritual food, THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, THAT WAS to give us spiritual health and eternal life.Man has injected false ideas and man-made doctrine into the very food from God, that was so pure it would eliminate all sickness and even eternal death.Thus, man has produced GMO spiritual food. The doctrines or teachings of man, today, are all full of GMO poison. It does not even resemble the original FOOD in the King James Scriptures.This polluted food cannot give us either physical health and life, or spiritual health and LIFE.Then why does almost everyone prefer that GMO spiritual food, instead of the glorious pure Word of God? It is the same as those who always eat junk foods, sweets, and other harmful foods, their ‘taste-buds’ are so trained to like these junk foods, that healthy greens, and other pure food, is not liked.When people prefer the revised versions of the scriptures, they are on the wrong road to begin with. Then, most never really feed off, or study the Word, so that their souls are starving and they do not even realize it.When someone daily eats nothing but junk foods, thus never nourishing their bodies, they soon become frail, sickly, and eventually dies from all kinds of disease. It is the same spiritually.When you never feed on the pure Word of God, TRUTH, you daily become frail, sickly and die from lack of FOOD.By: Jo Smith… Jan. 11, 2016

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