Body, soul, spirit?

gonna tell you something that God was bringing to my mind this morning. never thought of this before and have not studied it out. but due to something Mike just said, I think it is right, as what he said, fits this; so will lay it out. now, not a sure message but it has just come into my mind today:most folks think we are NOW, a triune being….a body, soul and spirit. Not for one minute.Now I can prove to anyone who has read my past messages that I already had most of this long ago.I wrote a message a few years ago, called a Living soul.In this I said, you are not a living soul until you receive the baptism of the Holy ghost. That Holy Ghost gives you the soul.Until then you are a dead person, a body that has mortal life in it. Jesus said you are dead in trespasses and sins.Now Jesus himself was not a spirit. The word says he came out of the grave in another form…he then was given a spirit to that,

I got this, this morning:To begin with, Adam was in the image of God. I know that. But then he FELL.He lost that spirit. He then lost that soul. He then became a dead body, with just mortal life.See he went from body, soul, and spirit to just body and soul….then just body. After the flood, they were body and soul. then at the dispersion at the tower of Babel, they became just a body. Now I know you will not get this since as far as I know, I have never heard such a thing taught.Now, this is how I was thinking of this:since I know that God changed man from what they were on the other side of the flood, to being dust beings, this side of the flood…then look at this. He had to have three changes, going DOWN.So we get three changes, going back UP.They were body, soul and spirit before they fell.Then after the flood, for a while, they were body and soul, without that eternal spirit.Then at the rebellion of the tower of Babel, God again changed them.

He sent them in different directions, different languages. but something else, that has been unknown till now.They lost the soul part and became as a beast; soulless.So when one of them (us) receives the Holy Ghost we are given back a soul.Then at our resurrection, if we are into the kingdom of Christ, we will be given back the SPIRIT.Then we can fly… birds….not natural but using spiritual wings. more on this but right now, hurting too bad to keep typing.Wanna, read this and give me your thoughts.

==1.12.21.Jo Smith

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