Gaining Eternal Life is this life’s most important mission. Yet, seems most people give it no serious thought. When I had my first baby, I read up on everything I could find that would help me know how to best take care of my baby. When I wanted to learn about a product, I read and search material that will give me the needed knowledge to make wise and right decisions. these are earthly things, yet I take them seriously enough to read the right material to show me the needed truth on the subject.But eternal life? It is the most important thing in anyone’s life

.And there is ONLY ONE BOOK or source that can give you the right knowledge to do this important thing. It will last forever. and yet most people never study the one Book that can give you the right information on how to obtain Eternal life.You let some man who is rightly a beast, (being paid to do his so-called ministry),,, you let this man or church, or priest or prophet or whatever you call it, tell you his ideas.If he is wrong, you will not obtain eternal life…..yet you just take his word for it.Why would you be so careless with your soul? Why not take the time to study the one and only Book that can give you the TRUTH….the right road to eternal life?That one Book is the KING JAMES VERSION SCRIPTURE.JO SMITH….

I do not listen to any other; do not read any other; this is the one that God anointed and put his approval on.

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