eagles wings

I asked God a few days ago, ‘what is the eagles? what is the eagle’s wings?Today He gave me an instant understanding of this earth being the outer courts of the massive city that Eze saw.Yes, of course, the ‘city’ consists of earth, heaven and the heaven of heavens.So then in a short while, he gave me an instant understanding of the eagle and the wings.Jesus said, where the caucus or body is there will the eagles be gathered.so then the eagles would be the departed spirits of the saints. they return to their dead bodies and resurrection into glorification occurs.the GLORIFICATION is the wings.The first head of mankind, the Lion kingdom, or Adam, had eagles wings. those wings were plucked at the flood and they because dust people, in the first children born after the flood.they no longer had those wings.In Rev 12 the woman is given back those eagles wings. she is glorified and flies into a new wilderness or the glorified world.LikeCommentShare

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