Why is God called a male

Why Is God called a MALE?It is a great question, to which there is a very right answer.Since God is a spirit, and not physical, he has a law by which things run.the MALE is the Father, or the one who begets other life. (God has never been GIVEN LIFE BY ANYONE; HE IS LIFE).the FEMALE is the MOTHER, or the one who carries this seed of life, and gives birth to it.

Now follow that: all of you. This is TRUTH REVEALED TO ME BY GOD.God is the only one in existence who can beget life. He is the originator of life.But God placed that seed of LIFE into a body of another being, to bring forth another life.At first God placed the seed of life, into the earth to bring forth vegetable life.Then he placed the seed of life into animal bodies and brought forth living animals.

Then he placed the breath of life into a human body and brought forth life; but all of this was mortal life.Since the first man sinned and became disobedient, God saw fit to bring forth higher life, spirit eternal life. God then placed that SEED OF ETERNAL LIFE into another human man, called JESUS.This Jesus then, was to God, a FEMALE. He received this seed of life from God, at his baptism, and grew, inside himself, the SON OF GOD.

This son of God was ‘birthed’ when God raised this man, Jesus, from the dead.He was then given the same power of transporting LIFE TO OTHERS, by God himself.So now to us, Jesus is our Father, or a MALE. – = giver of LIFE.So we are, all of us, men and women, FEMALE TO JESUS.Jesus is now an acting MALE, OR GIVER OR BEGETTER OF LIFE….to us.Jesus said, as the Father has life in himself, so has he given me to have life in myself, that I might give eternal life to as many as come to me.Jo Smith.

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