building a house

People who think that God’s word is only about a past generation are totally missing the entire thing of God and do not know him or his word.All of his word is for us today, and for every other generation which has lived, or will live.God’s word is ALIVE, for all time. Never is it dead or out of date.

Now, for us: It is not about natural, carnal things, as almost everyone takes His word. God speaks of spiritual things. Jesus said the SOWER sowed the SEED, = THE WORD OF GOD.It fell into all kinds of soil; conditions. But only that which fell into good GROUND brought forth fruit, unto eternal life.Now, this is too important to take lightly or place it on old jews, their natural land, buildings, or doings.It is to all today…sowing what? man’s lies. dead seed. brings forth dead, still-born children. churches today are in this condition. God is speaking to THEM today. Will you heed the warning?

They teach a lot, but it brings in little, born-again children. It is man’s vomit instead of God’s pure word/seed. They say they are rich and have need of nothing, but God said, they are naked, blind, wretched and poor and do not know it. so they have nothing that amounts to anything.So they DRINK…what? polluted waters, which the SHEPHERDS pollute with their feet. Eze. 34.They do not DRINK the blood of Jesus = the pure Word. So they are not filled with DRINK OR THE HOLY GHOST, A RIVER IN YOU FLOWING TO ETERNAL LIFE.They CLOTHE. with what? man’s lies. not the true covering of Jesus Christ; but with the faulty covering of Adam/law.So they are not warm, spiritually They are cold; and lukewarm.

They preach, prophesy, and teach FOR HIRE. They are hirelings. taking pay for doing the work of God is the SURE MARK OF THE BEAST. So their wages will take them to hell.See, each day, as we live for God, we are building a SPIRITUAL HOUSE. This is the NT true Church, not a man-made building. Peter said we are lively STONES being placed into this HOUSE. The apostles were the foundation, with Jesus being the chief cornerstone. We then build on this house, gold, silver and precious stones. It is this spiritual house that Haggai is concerned with today.

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