our enemy

I just heard a smart person say, ‘the only enemy of humans is ignorance’.

just WOW.

yes, ignorance of God’s truth; most important. so

why, why would people choose to just remain IGNORANT of the truth of God?

His truth is the very most important thing in existence. It is too important to just remain complacent, relying on your ‘preacher’ or church or others to provide you with TRUTH.

You MUST begin obeying Jesus, search the Scriptures for the truth.

when you hear things like from me, why do you just simply disregard it, ignore it, and not seek to prove it one way or the other?

You rest your eternal life on what some paid hireling says? see, that is IGNORANCE.

Then others choose to remain ignorant of the truth of our lying government, health folks, etc.

It is costing millions of lives daily.

so Why? why do so many choose to remain ignorant and just ignore all the warning messages that God is sending us?




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