who is he

Satan has deceived the whole world. God said so.

But who is Satan?

The world is still deceived and have no idea.

He first began his life of lies and deception when he deceived Eve and then blamed her for his own sin.

He then has the world believing that his son is the one who killed his brother. but who was the head? Adam.

Did Cain act on his own? I seriously doubt it. He obeyed his Head or Daddy.

Woe to those who are blinded.

Woe to those who call evil Good and Good evil.

See it is upside down. wrong on every front.

Only those truly led by the Holy Ghost will ever know the truth come out of the lies into truth.

What you believe to be true is the lies of this deceiver of all mankind….. first-man Adam.

As in Adam ALL DIE.

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