The true seed

~~~~~ The true Seed ~~~~~

God does not go by what kind of human body one has, as to whether He will use that person with His Word. He goes by the Spirit that person has.

The WOMAN represents our flesh, Our spiritual flesh; not our human flesh. This is my spirit. See, this is totally different from my human flesh, or body. It has not one thing to go with what kind of body I am in. I am inside this body; I am not this body; it is only a house I live in. Get this, people. If you do not get this, you will never understand Scripture.

Now, my spiritual flesh, your spiritual flesh has within it a SEED, which was placed there by God, when He filled us with His Spirit. That Spirit is His Seed to bring forth a man child to God in me. In You.

Listen to this; a sinner is a human being just as you and I are. BUT the sinner does not have spiritual flesh as you and I have —- a sinner does not have that SEED of Life growing inside them.

The WOMAN with CHILD — in Rev. 12:2– is us, His SAINTS, in whom He has placed His SEED, the life from the MAN which impregnates the female ( our spiritual flesh)– and brings forth the child. This child is a combination of both the Father (Jesus) and the Mother (me).

Now inside me, there is both myself, Jo, and there is Christ, being formed in me (the womb, spiritually)– One of them, Me, is me. It is my natural self, which I must bring into subjection to my Husband, Jesus. But the other one inside me, is that man child, Christ in us, the hope of glory.

The glory which we are hoping for is that this man child will reach maturity inside my womb, and come to the birth, = the resurrection into that glorified body. Then that CHILD will come FORTH in the likeness of HIS FATHER, JESUS.

But it will still be me. Get it? I do hope so.

Only then, I will no longer be hindered by this earthly flesh – I will be like unto His glorious body, he had after his resurrection. I will be like the resurrected Christ.

My human flesh must go into that wilderness, and grow up spiritually, by obeying the Word. I am nourished by that word, the ‘vitamins’ my little man child needs to mature and come to the birth. Make no mistake about it, I have a child of Jesus growing inside me. I am with CHILD. I will bring forth a CHILD in the likeness of Jesus. For I will nourish my spiritual ‘fetus’ what it needs to mature into the likeness of Jesus, His Father.

When He gave me the Holy Ghost, this is when He KNEW me and put his spirit, (seed) into me.

Glory. Praise the Lord for His truth. So see, when He said for a woman not to teach, he is referring to those still in the human flesh, not impregnated by His seed. For if one is pregnant with the child of Jesus, then it is no longer I that speak, but he speaking inside me. It is not female, it is the man child = a male.

If you speak from the flesh, you are female, thereby forbidden to teach. It makes not one bit of difference what kind of human tabernacle one is in —– it is which spiritual flesh are you. If you do not have the true Holy Ghost teaching you, then you cannot teach; for you are female –men.

If you have the Holy Ghost teaching you, you can teach, for it is male – women. The Holy Ghost speaking in you is a HE.

It depends on which spirit one is speaking by – self or the Holy Ghost. You are forbidden to speak from your flesh; you must speak by the Holy Ghost. Women with the Holy Ghost can teach; for it is a male doing the teaching.

Men without the Holy Ghost are forbidden to teach, for it is not the spirit, but a ‘female’ to God.

All flesh is ‘FEMALE’ to God. All Spirit is MALE = the life. Your flesh is dead. Only the Spirit gives us life.

God gives us all, Men and Women alike, His seed, in our ‘flesh’ = the spiritual womb- to bring forth a man child. So to God all flesh is female. This human, dust creation is all female to God. That is why all flesh is forbidden to teach; it must come from the Spirit of God. If God does not put His spirit into a man, that man if forbidden to teach God’s word; for it would be female = human, doing it.

If God places His Seed, = Spirit – inside a woman, she is able to teach His Word, for it is no longer a ‘female’ to God, it is a male = His Spirit doing the teaching.

Proof: 1Peter 3;4— Peter speaking to women —But let it be the hidden MAN OF THE HEART, is that which is not corruptible, (see he is saying a woman Christian, has a man

inside her heart (spirit) which in incorruptible- not human(—even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

This man inside her, can teach the word of God.

Now don’t you see from this that a woman who is a true Christian, has a MAN, which is incorruptible, inside her? This ought to be plain enough for anyone to see.

You men must receive the SEED OF GOD inside yourself, become ‘pregnant’ by God, in order to become a SON of God. This makes you ‘female’ to God. He puts His Seed into you. If you do not have this ‘relationship’ of husband and wife with God, same as a woman, you are none of His. You must become ‘wife’ to God.

Henceforth, know we no one after the FLESH.

Come to the spirit.

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