History of the Serpents

In reading my message….’History of the serpents’…I saw something new…
In Rev we see the dragon, (serpent), casting out of his MOUTH a FLOOD.
so it had to be WORDS.
these words were designed to cause the Woman to be carried away with this flood of lies.

Jesus said, thE WORDS I speak are life and you must eat them.

He said you must eat my flesh and DRINK MY BLOOD.

now take that in,,,in your carnal minds…..drink his human blood?
the second witness church has power to TURN WATER INTO BLOOD…
think about this..
turn words into blood….so others can now drink the words and find LIFE.
if the water or flood, coming out the mouth was WORDS, and it could be nothing else…..then that water is words…so to turn those waters into blood,,,,is to translate it into truth…making it drinkable….to find LIFE……..
scripture always amazes me…as it is never what the carnal mind thinks.
Jo Paulette J Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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