Raised Himself?

What people cannot seem to get is that the glory is that God set Jesus up equal with himself. Jesus did not lift himself up. Man did not do it. GOD himself, did this. That is the real glory of Jesus…a MAN lived a perfect life, so pleasing to the eternal God, that this God, set this Jesus up on equal grounds with this God. Heb 1.

This man was not born a god. it is lies of satan. all who claim, “he was fully god and fully man” HAVE NOT ONE VERSE SAYING THIS. It is not once recorded in all scripture, yet they feel free to hurl it out, day after day. adding lies to god’s word. He will add the plagues of the book to you.

Let one of them quote that in Scripture. It cannot be done. so it is not true.

Now, Jesus is not a god before God. He is where the eternal God set him…on the throne of God, now ruling as God, with all the same power and authority of god, which God GAVE TO HIM, AFTER HIS RESURRECTION.

It is so simple, but the lies of man have blinded everyone and they cannot see this simple truth.
The asker here does not see it. the answerers do not see it. And I get a box full of hate mail, because I am trying to help someone see this truth, which IS RECORDED IN GODS WORD.

Jesus is not a God before god. He is not a god different from God, for they are all the same KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus was made to be ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE GOD KINGDOM.


Oh Lord, will anyone else ever see this great truth? Jesus is now our Lord and our God, so declared by the eternal God. God is NOW RESTING. Jesus is NOW RULING. This is God’s SEVENTH DAY. Oh Lord, show someone!!!!

It is like here, in America. there are many Americans. We are all different, yet we are all Americans. You are just as American as I am.. I am just as American as you are…This is how it is with god, Jesus, and all the members who are God. god is a full kingdom. God is ONE, AS WE ARE ALL ONE. Read the Word. Read the Word. The glory of Jesus is that HE IS THE ONLY HUMAN MAN WHO WILL EVER BE MADE A RULER ON THE THRONE OF GOD, SHARING THE SAME POWER AND AUTHORITY.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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